The Workshop place is: Hotel Ryad Mogador

All life science sectors, such as Healthcare and Agriculture, are generating large, and rapidly growing, datasets. Such massive data defines the concept of Big Data and the emerging discipline of data science. Bioinformatics is the field that links the life science sectors to data science.

In bioinformatics we are dealing with a growing range of biomedical and bioagricultural data, including microarrays, ultra high-throughput sequencing data as well as bioimaging data. Analysis of such data increasingly depends upon statistical methods for the integrative analysis of multiple and heterogeneous data types. The challenge, in Morocco and beyond, is to develop data-driven biology: using automated methods for analyzing massive amounts of life science data; extracting value from the data; using the data as the basis for making decisions. There are increasingly rich datasets available for free in the public domain. One of the emerging challenges for Moroccan Bioinformatics is to be fully able to take advantage of these free resources, so as to reduce the resources spent on expensive experiments.

Our workshop will be under the auspices of the British Council Research Links project and intended to be a career development opportunity with focus on promoting UK-Moroccan collaboration. The workshop will be focussed on facilitating the use of the public domain data so as to benefit Moroccan workers in Healthcare and Agriculture as well as other life science researchers. The workshop will require the input of computer scientists, mathematicians and statisticians. Scientist will discuss the development of Bioinformatics tools in Morocco, and of big data applications in Healthcare and agriculture.

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